$LUV Staking

$LUV is a unique phygital multi-utility crypto currency that powers the entire @DefiDistrict and @Sorcery_inc ecosystem.


$LUV Staking

Tools we used

  • React
  • Material UI
  • Phantom Wallet
  • Solana
  • Rust


500 District DAO NFT’s represent the inner-circle of DeFi District that come with exclusive perks such as a separate $LUV allocation claimed monthly, affiliate rewards, pre-sales to partnering projects, discounts on Realis rentals, and 1-4x $LUV staking multiplier when paired with a Cured Token

All old $LUV will be burnt 100% out of supply with the new $LUV Protocol already added. There is also some injected liquidity bringing its value to .50 today. Staking site v3 with $LUV Protocol will be live 24-48 hours after most of the community unstake from V2.

There is technically almost no $LUV on the market, so swapping is the least suggested thing to do. If you want to release any $LUV, please sell it on the market!

Work Flow

Thanks for checking us out

What's next

The Oceanic Horrors

Setting up new standards. Dope 1:4 Art with Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Cards | Always Building