Meet in real life, now. The app designed for meeting someone new in minutes!

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Tools we used

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Firebase
  • React
  • Visual Studio


500 meter radius: We only let you see the people that are close to you so you can meet instantly.

30 minute chat time: Once you connect with someone, 30 minutes is all you’ve got in order to chat and arrange a place to meet.

Mission: Our mission is to inspire people to escape their comfort zone, leave their phones behind and socialize more in real life.

Zown: only lets you see the people that are within a 500m radius from you so you can meet instantly. Once you connect with someone you only have 15 minutes of chat time in order to arrange a meeting point and meet in real life to maintain the connection. We want you to use this app as little as possible and go out there in real life as much as possible.

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What's next


Soothify is designed to help you achieve a state of inner peace and relaxation, no matter where you are.