The Oceanic Horrors

Setting up new standards. Dope 1:4 Art with Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Cards | Always Building

Tools we used

  • React
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Bootstrap
  • Twitter
  • Discord


Oceanic Horrors is an upcoming PVP survival game on Solana. We are also integrating a staking game for passive rewards with 6 Factions, a player can be a part of. We are further partnered up with for the execution and the development of our game. Prototype is already complete.

Oceanic Horrors, with its dark horror themed art, is an upcoming survival game that is fully playable on mobile and desktop. The game is pvp, holders would get to enjoy additional perks and special skins available to be traded later on in the marketplace. On top of that, the game is aided by a special staking, passive game where you stake and earn various in-game utilities.

Oceanic Horrors will have Solana integration within our survival game as well as the staking rewards would come off from Solana blockchain as well. The immersive game will hold regular monthly tournaments and will have leagues to play in. Oceanic horrors will also have a free-mode to welcome new players.

Work Flow

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What's next


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