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WordPress is a remarkable and simple to utilize Platform. In this field, We have plugin developers, theme developers, theme customization experts who have a better understanding of how to improve a website and make it to SEO Friendly for our respective clients.

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Netflix Dark Crystal

After years of dissatisfaction working with “off the shelf” RFID
platforms, we decided to build our own. With a strong emphasis on
interactivity and personalization, our RFID platform can interact with
media servers, lighting systems, robotics and rigging systems in
addition to handling registration and survey components.


Buchanan’s cocktail recipe and label generator To compliment our touring Buchanan’s booth, we built a personalization mechanic that used survey questions to curate a personalized cocktail recipe for each guest. Additionally, the system would print out a custom label with the person’s name and a suggested cocktail recipe, sized to perfectly fit the Buchanan’s bottle.

Adidas Ga Cup

Interactive Soccer Skill Drill Technology We created a soccer dribbling skill test that allowed young athletes to compete against each other as well as against a “ghost lap” of a professional athlete running the exact course. We leveraged dynamic intelligent lighting to not only showcase the pro-athlete’s progress through the course as compared to the young athletes but also create a visually interesting design.


Registration Microsite & E-Mail Campaign We created a unique email promotion, microsite, and registration system for customers in Los Angeles and Miami to celebrate our Unlimited membership customers. Postmates Unlimited members in LA and Miami enjoyed a free Valentine’s Day dinner, hosted by us. The Love Rocks — Love Sucks themed dinner welcomed couples, friends, and families alike. The menus were curated by Executive Chef Maynard Llera of the yet-to-be-open West Hollywood hotspot Alice, and Executive Chef Brian Nasajon of Beaker & Gray in Miami.


We brought a branded ice cream truck to the streets of Los Angeles with a custom-built mobile ordering system that allowed e3 attendees to make and order their own custom soft-served ice cream creations. The system simultaneously captured leads of potential job applicants for Ubisoft.

Wack-a-Pixel Style Game

Interactive Wack-a-pixel style game We created a game called “Conquer the Chaos” where players had to quickly tap the correct light-up buttons in a certain time frame to show how the new Yahoo Mail automatically organizes your inbox.


Registration Microsite & E-Mail Campaign We created a unique animated microsite using the artist’s signature the style for an exclusive Hennessy VS Vhils signature event.

Amazon Lol

Promote the upcoming Amazon original show “Last One Laughing” in malls throughout Mexico City.


It’s a curated socially distanced supper experience where guests can order food, drinks, and listen to music at Grand Bizarre Beach Club Restaurant.  The date is every weekend in August starting on August 8th.


It’s a curated socially distant brunch and supper experience where guests can order food, drinks, and listen to music at Grand Bizarre Beach Club Restaurant. The date is every weekend in August starting on August 8th.

Brett Hyman

Brett Hyman is the President, CEO, and Founder of NVE Experience Agency (NVE), a privately-owned experiential marketing and production company with offices in Los Angeles, New York, and London. Guided by the principle that the right moment will transform someone forever, Hyman leads NVE’s team of cross-industry experts to deliver culturally connected campaigns and transformative experiences for some of the world’s most iconic brands


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Invite your customers to write a review on Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor or any other of your favorite review sites. Fully automated and running within minutes.


As they say in business, to be successful, you have to find that one thing you do best. Our niche marketing platform will mostly focus on the one procedure or piece of equipment that generates the most profit for your practice. So, if you want to increase the number of dental implants you place, or perform more procedures with your dental laser, nichepractice aims to maximize that revenue, get you a substantial ROI for your equipment and position you as the expert in your field.