After years of dissatisfaction working with “off the shelf” RFID platforms, we decided to build our own. With a strong emphasis on interactivity and personalization, our RFID platform can interact with media servers, lighting systems, robotics and rigging systems in addition to handling registration and survey components.

The Process

The first step in creating this experience was developing a non-linear story that guests could discover on their own as they found hidden markers throughout the booth. From there we transitioned into developing the overall look and feel of the booth, collaborating with Netflix and Jim Henson Studios to ensure we were highlighting the key aspects of the show.

Next, we began technology design and planning. We knew the multi-media experience would require the playback of many different media types (video, audio, lighting effects, dynamic content) so we opted to develop our own RFID platform that utilized the OSC protocol for communicating with the many different playback systems required. This provided us with maximum flexibility integrating all the systems together.

Finally, we began developing the content. This took many forms, including an animated fluid simulation running on a d3 media server that composited guest names onto the animation in real-time, audio effects, and video clips from the show along with dynamic lighting effects in the various rooms of the booth. All of the content and effects were controlled by guests using their RFID bands as they discovered touch-points hidden around the booth.

The Result

The result was a fully immersive walk-through experience that transported Comic-Con attendees to the world of Thra (the fictional setting of The Dark Crystal). Guests were delighted to explore and uncover hidden tap-points that triggered the various effects in each room.

The experience was one of the most visited on the Comic-Con floor, reaching line capacity within minutes of opening each day.

What's next


Buchanan’s cocktail recipe and label generator To compliment our touring Buchanan’s booth, we built a personalization mechanic that used survey questions to curate a personalized cocktail recipe for each guest. Additionally, the system would print out a custom label with the person’s name and a suggested cocktail recipe, sized to perfectly fit the Buchanan’s bottle.