Laravel is a web application framework, primarily used for building custom web apps using PHP.PHP is one the most popular web app developing languages and we have worked on a number of projects using PHP including work on projects based on – Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, etc. PHP can be used to create all-scale web apps. We offer complete web solutions as well as database management (MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, Graph DB, etc.). A part of web application development is our web designing services which we provide using tools we have significant experience in working with (bootstrap, AngularJS, etc.). Laravel based projects are listed below


It is an automated marketing platform for doctors that have a narrow specialty, but are expert in their “niches”. It is designed to empower doctors to carry out their marketing without the need of high- cost experts or agencies.


Invite your customers to write a review on Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, or any other of your favorite review sites. It is fully automated and an ideal tool to link all your reviews to your company website

Heroes of Digital

HOD is another project that we have developed. It is a platform for digital marketing. It’s a Laravel based application created by our developers. It provides tools to manage reviews and ensure extraordinary results, be it corporate system or an entire suite of applications, developing a single application.


It is a powerful open-source PHP framework used to develop web apps is fast, reliable, and is useful in extending your PHP coding to get particular functions. Our team consists of developers who are capable of working with CodeIgniter-based web applications. The project(s) below are based on CodeIgniter.


Inspiren is a web application and its center usefulness is to deal with the Inventory and Shipment catalogs. There is a Complete Software that oversees different classes inside it. It is basically, a pure inventory management system that manages all types of information, data or transaction which occurs and presents it graphically on the dashboard of the main screen of the admin or the manager who controls it.


It is an open-source PHP  web application framework and a set of reusable PHP libraries. it is currently used by thousands of websites. it allows developers to create fully functional web apps. in addition, our developers have strong command on the language and hence are capable of providing you with the best [possible web solution.